Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Mother-in-law Vent

Please skip this if you're sick of hearing about it. I just need to vent it out, b/c poor hubby is the only one to hear it right now, and I know he feels stuck in the middle. So, you guys indulge me if you please!

Some of you know today is her birthday. I have spent way too much time during this pregnancy obsessing over NOT giving birth today. It would just make my life that much worse having a son born on her birthday. Knocking wood that this may have been avoided by now (it's after 10am, so even if labor starts now, I wouldn't give birth in 14 hours, right??).

So, MIL is all about her. In every way shape or form. Nothing matters but what she wants. She is now realizing that she has met her match in me. She expects her sons to gather round her for every occasion, but she saw this past Mother's Day that its not going to happen (we spent Mother's Day with My parents, and boy did that piss her off!).

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon. It was 1 1/2 days until her birthday, and we had not heard a peep about any plans. Mind you, most family gatherings occur on Sundays, since they are off Sunday and Monday from work. So I call FIL to find out what the hell was going on, whether we were expected for anything on Sunday. They always seem to forget that Hubby works Monday night (for the past 8 years). Well, plans (never relayed to us) were that Monday night, my BIL and Hubby's grandmother, aunt and uncle were coming for dinner. Maybe hubby can switch work. Uh, I doubt it. I call hubby to tell him, and have him deal with the plans.

He doesn't do anything until Sunday morning at 9am. When he finally calls his mother, she asks him to switch work nights. He tries, but couldn't. We agree to go over for dinner last night (I immediately call my parents and ask the over for Monday night, so I have an excuse to not have to go again on Monday without him, LOL). By 4pm, MIL has rounded up 8 more people to make a party for herself. We go. Done deal, right? HA!

After dinner, I tell her not to pick up J* from school on Monday (our usual routine), b/c my parents were coming over to celebrate my birthday. My bday is Saturday, so my parents said we should celebrate my bday now, since maybe a certain someone's birth might interfere with a Saturday celebration. Aren't my parents wonderful to even think of that?? Anyway, MIL immediately says why can't they come another day, b/c her birthday was tomorrow, and so and so will be there (she obviously needs my son there to validate herself) . . . I STOP in my tracks. Oh, so her birthday is more important than mine, and we need to celebrate hers twice, and mine perhaps not at all?? Fuck her! I tell her no, they can't come any other day and I leave the room to find my shoes and get ready to go. Turns out she started crying about it . . . yeah, boo hoo . . . I'm ruining her birthday. UNBELIEVABLE!

So, tell me honestly. Am I wrong? Is my birthday not as important as hers? Tell me . . .I can always blame it on my hormones.


azjenn said...

Um no you aren't wrong. Your MIL sure takes the prize! I'm sorry that you're having to deal with this crap, I'm glad you stood your ground with her.

Earthchild618 said...

Good for you standing up to her! Who does she think she is? The Queen? Why does she get two birthdays and you get none? Your parents are awesome to celebrate your bday with you early since you will most likely be either giving birth or recovering from birth at the time of your birthday!

It isn't your hormones at all...Unless of course, I have some sort of hormonal issue too b/c I agree with YOU!!!

Diva Mom Vicki said...

No, you are not wrong. Your MIL is a bitch.

She needs a serious sit-down with Dr. Phil to have her controlling, passive-aggressive ass handed to her on a silver platter.

How's that for blunt?!?

Anonymous said...

You have so many friends who love you so much more than that crazy freak! I would make her life unhappy when the new arrival is here. LOCK YOUR FRONT DOOR!!!!!!

xxxoooo Sally

The Brumm Family said...

Thank you sooooo much for sharing your blog with me! Your MIL sounds a bit like mine. You are not in the wrong - she needs to get over herself! You go girl!