Tuesday, June 26, 2007

31 week appointment

Nothing new. All is well. BP fine, total weight gain 16 pounds, measuring right on. Baby Doo Doo was breech during the appointment, but he feels like he flips a lot. We'll see how he's lying at 38 weeks.

Not loving my OB's partner . . . she's so la-di-da about everything. Everything is always "great" according to her. I asked about what will happen if my placenta hasn't moved, and her predictable response was, "oh, I'm sure it has". Asked what happens if he's still breech at 38 weeks . . . you guessed it "I'm sure he won't be!". Is it too much of an effort to endulge me with a few scenarios?

She noted that I looked "tired". I said more emotionally than physically, but yes, I was. She told me to see a psychiatrist now, and get set up so I don't develop post-partum depression. Gee, thanks.

Ultrasound next Friday, 7/6 with the peri, and then back to the OB on 7/9.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

No wonder I am so uncomfortable . . .

Look at the change! I am getting a bullet belly. Ouch!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

limbo and feeling yucky

I am suspended in limbo. . . between ob appointments, ultrasounds, and dealing with horrible constipation, heartburn and nausea that make me just want to go home and go to bed till my next appointment.

Just my luck, these darn prenatals have cemented my bowels. Four colace, and 2-4 senokot per day didn't help, so last night I took M.O.M. Would you believe that didn't even work??? I mean, come on! It did make me nauseated, so thanks for that. I didn't sleep well b/c my stomach was gurgling and going crazy all night, so now I'm comatose at work too. Lovely. I'm a real charmer this week.

Sigh, 8-10 more weeks of pregnancy. How will I make it?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I just want to climb in with them

This is why its so hard for me to leave for work in the morning. Its just not fair. Yep, they are both out for the count, but its 6:25am.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

28 week appointment and pic

All is well. Blood pressure still 100/60 despite MIL drama and horrific traffic on the way to appointment! Total of a 14 pound gain so far. Passed glucose test, but am anemic. Hmm, guess I gotta start taking my prenatals. Yes, I'm bad. Its just the prenatals were sooooo constipating, and we all know my other issues about that, so I avoided them like the plague. Don't think I am a bad mother by not fueling my fetus with micronutrients . . . I take the Scooby Doo vitamin colors that my son refuses. Waste not want not! Oh, and i take that Lipil DHA supplement too. Now I go back every two weeks! Wow!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ultimate Monster-in-law

Its no secret I have a monster-in-law. I doubt there's anyone who hasn't heard me complain about her. Picking up my son at daycare without asking me first . . . or asking me a question and not getting the answer she liked, so calls my husband on his cell to ask him as if she didn't talk to me . . . I could go on and on. Well, today hit a new high (or low, however you look at it).

My SIL and mom wanted to throw me a baby shower. I didn't have one before J*was born, b/c I was worried it would jinx the adoption. I didn't have a wedding shower either. I didn't love the idea of a baby shower this time, but it grew on me, and I just want my friends and family to share this wonderful time with me . . .

My mom called MIL to discuss it with her (because its the RIGHT thing to do . . . that's my Mom), and my MIL said no, that I didn't need a shower b/c we have everything we need. Umm NO! We borrowed most everything b/c we were broke from adoption expenses, and gave it all back, She also said that if she invited her family and friends to a shower for, they would end up feeling like they had to give two gifts, because they'd give a gift when the baby was born. Whatever, like people don't have minds of their own?

Of course she said this as SHE IS PLANNING a baby shower for HER NIECE who is due 3 weeks after me. Can you believe that! Excuse me? What's the difference?? And of course she has given countless baby showers for her other nieces or nephew's wives. Makes me feel really loved. Please insert 4-letter C word here.

My mom will have it anyway, and my MIL is not invited. I'm thinking all sorts of four-letter words about her, but the "c" word is summing her up quite nicely today. Who needs her?

Sorry for the vent. I'm still crying a bit. And just to warn you, this is officially war.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

All alone

Wow, it just seems weird. Daddy and son left at 10am this morning to meet friends at the beach. Its hot, and I wasn't in the mood, so I stayed behind. Its now 2:11, and I just don't know what else to do with my free time! I did a little gardening, but got too hot. I did a little research online for my summer class, made a grocery list, did a load of laundry, looked at all of J*s baby pictures, ironed a blouse I'm wearing to a party on Tuesday, prepped daycare lunch for tomorrow, threw out old stuff from the fridge, and read some blogs. Great day. But now what? Ah, a nap. You read my mind.

Glucose test Wednesday, and 28 week appointment on Thursday. May as well rest up.