Friday, May 25, 2007

No improvement

Today's scan with the perinatologist showed my placenta is still "low-lying". When it was discovered at 20 weeks, they said that it usually corrects itself 90% of the time. Well, not for me. If anything, its a few mm closer to the cervix (it is supposed to be over 3cm, but mine was 2.7cm and now its 2.4cm, which is less than an inch). Also, there is a large pool of blood sitting right at the top of the cervix (called a placental lake, but this also moved much closer to the cervix and is larger than last time). It is a risk for bleeding. So, I remain on pelvic rest, and go back again in 6 weeks.

A new finding was that I have a "marginal" cord insertion . . . meaning the cord is attached to the placenta at the end, not in the middle as usual. As long as its attached and has good blood flow, it should be fine. It is sometimes associated with smaller babies, so we'll see.

On a positive note, he was sooooo active! It took a few tries since he kept wiggling, but we finally got a cute 3D picture of his face and his cheeks. And he weighs 2.1 pounds! That's more than my mother weighed at birth (she is a triplet and was 1lb 14oz at birth).

Here is the 26 week belly pic:

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

VACATION and the return

Sorry for the silence, but we took a week's vacation in FL to visit my bro, SIL and niece and nephew. Its our annual trip to warmth without spending a fortune. They have a guest house across the pool, so its easy to stay with them and still have some privacy for each family. It was also our 6-year anniversary, which is another reason we go away this time of year. We were married on the beach, so we try to spend every anniversary on a beach as well. It wasn't the Carribbean, but it worked for us, since we're quite broke.

A great time was had by all, especially the cousins. My nephew was adopted from Korea, and is only 10 months older than J*, so they play together quite well. My niece is 6 1/2, and is the ring-leader. She was a big help with watching the boys when we needed her, except when she was baiting them or blaming them for something.

I actually got to take a walk each morning (just a mile or two), which felt GREAT! I have my follow-up u/s on Friday, and technically should have waited till after that to be "active", but I couldn't resist the beautiful mornings and the time alone. I am sure all is fine with Doo Doo. He is growing and moving like crazy!

Edited to add . . . Well, back to real life. Never fun when you get back from vacation to find things going wrong. Can you believe the cable TV went out on Monday (meaning TIVO couldn't record it) so we couldn't watch the 24 season finale?? WTF!! Thank goodness for internet episodes, but come on! Then, this morning, my coffee maker decides to be broken. Damn expensive Cuisinart piece of shit! I had to go OUT for coffee. Not my idea of a leisurely morning . . . good thing I planned an extra day off. I need it.

I'll update after Friday's scan.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

24 week pictures

Here is 24 weeks 2 days. Must have had a growth spurt this week, b/c I was soooooo uncomfortable to the point that I had a mini meltdown that I couldn't do this anymore. Thankfully it passed. Guess my skin had to catch up to the growth spurt. OUCH. I had to add the front view this time . . . doesn't it look like it hurts? Humor me . . .

Friday, May 11, 2007

How can I ever complain again?

After seeing this, I really can't. None of us can.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

24 weeks and dragging . . .

It seems like this pg is going awfully slow right now. Given that I am a woman of little patience, it makes it difficult for me. Luckily I have my little bundle of dynamite to keep me busy and entertained. If I could figure it out, I would post a recording of J* singing Akuna Matata for you all to crack up over. I almost pee myself every time!

I took the newborn clothes down from the attic last night. Was my boy EVER that small?? It was exciting to sift through it all and remember. I'm so very glad we get to use it all again. We are headed to FL a week from today, so when we get back, I'll wash it all again and start putting it into Baby Doo doo's drawers. No, he doesn't have a first name yet, but his middle name is Joseph, after my dad. We have two names we agree on, just like before J* was born, and we waited to meet him to see what name fit best. I guess we'll do that again. I like a few other names better, but they've been vetoed. Maybe I'll get sympathy during labor and pick what I want in the end!