Wednesday, August 08, 2007

37 week update

Had the ob appointment yesterday afternoon. BP still good, no weight gain this week, and cervix still shut tighter than corked wine bottle. Lovely.

I have been walking almost everyday, but perhaps I need to walk more. Or, it's not working, and my body just has to do it on its own. Then I remember I am only 37 weeks, and should just be prepared to go closer to the due date, or (gasp!) later. I inquired about the "philosphy" of the ob practice for inducing when you are late. The ob (the evil partner, btw. My doc was running way behind and I had to pick up J* from daycare) said usually just 7 days, but it could be earlier if the patient is ready (favorable cervix, blah blah).

Then Evil Partner did the long awaited growth u/s. After I had to ask if it was going to be done, since it was postponed last week. She obviously didn't read my chart before coming into the exam room. "Sure, we can do that, but why were you to have one?" Excuse me, but you're the fucking doctor!! Now I am in charge of my medical care?? I took a deep breath and told/reminded her I was seeing the perinatologist for the placenta thing (the look on her face indicated she had no recollection), and the peri referred me back to the ob after all was resolved and suggested a growth scan between 36-38 weeks. So she turns on the machine. I relax a little.

First thing out of her mouth is "why is this baby measuring small?" WHAT!!! Baby Doo Doo has always measured right on . . . like exactly on . . .at every u/s. But the measurements she was getting were 2 weeks behind. Of course, in her lah-di-dah way, she says "oh, its fine, as long as its within 2 weeks, but you should see the peri for another u/s next week to be sure." BTW, she said his estimated weight was 6 lbs. Doesn't sound to small to me!

As I was getting off the table, I told her my son was 6lb1oz at birth, so this baby will be definitely bigger than him (FYI to the readers, the pg books say that the fetus gains an ounce a day from 37 weeks on) . Dare I tell you what Evil Partner says next?? Are you sure you want to hear?

She says, "i guess you just make them small". So I looked her right in the eye and said, "no, his BIRTHMOTHER made him small. Its in my chart that my son is adopted." And I walked out.

Please pray Evil Partner is not on call when I deliver!!!!


azjenn said...

Sorry you had to see evil partner. I will be praying that she isn't on call when you go into labor. Yikes! Ok 6lbs at 37 weeks is not a small baby. Sounds like you are right on track.

Earthchild618 said...

She is an asshole! far as I can see...and I can do basic math as far as I are cooking a big ole' baby doo doo in there. If she thinks that 6 lbs is small then she must have been a large animal vet who is used to delivering elephants.

mwburdick said...

Ditto to what Jenn and Jen said :) You are just fine and next time just kick that evil partner.

meddlingkidd said...

What a wacko! 6lbs at 37 weeks sounds pretty normal to me! You're almost there!