Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is it Summer yet?

What a winter. Rain! Snow! Rain! We lost 5 straight days of school in March due to a rainstorm that brought down trees and power lines. The last day of school has been extended to June 30th.

I'm blogging, b/c my work internet is randomly unblocked today. HELLO BLOGWORLD!

Quick update on the family:
Jax is finishing kindergarten and is doing wonderfully. He just got a great report card :) He's really doing well with independent reading and money values. His maturity has grown, but is still as handful at home.

Coop loves school, so much so that he threw a fit yesterday b/c he couldn't go to school with a fever. Too funny. He is definitely getting the terrible two's attitude at times, but its manageable. And he's just too darn cute when he's throwing a fit!

I continue to knit crochet, make jewerly and now: Weaving! I gave myself an early 40th bday present of a loom, and it arrived yesterday. Can't wait to play!

I was offered a wonderful job in MD/DC, but the money wasn't quite right to make such a huge move and uproot the family. SO I am stuck here at this job until I find something better, or make this one worth staying for. We're getting a new boss at the end of April, so I hope it goes better than we expect.

If anyone is reading, say hi!