Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Overdue update

We had an utterly unbelievablly fantastic time with Coop's bio-fam. Lovely. Memorable. Touching. Fun.

Here's a pic of Coop and his bio-sibs, who were all created on the same day in the same petri dish back in 1997. But they are 9, 6, and 2 years old. And they all have their own look, right?

Friday, July 31, 2009

upcoming fun!

We are having special guests for the weekend! Cooper's bio-family are coming down for the weekend to visit us, and take a trip to the Statue of Liberty! Since we are very bad local tourists, both me and the hubs have never been (despite being born and raised within 45 minutes of the statue). Needless to say, we are all going together. We are excited!

In other news, J* has started Tae Kwon Doe this week. He's really enjoying it! And we are hoping for some energy outlet, and learning of discipline and respect. He has gotten quite difficult in the past weeks . . . perhaps the thought of Kindergarten is overwhelming him?

Here is my big boy, on graduation day from Pre-K.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Five Years

Five years ago today, about this time of the evening, we got the call. M* was in labor, and we had to get to Florida pronto. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday. He was born 11:50pm, but we weren't there. We met him about 11 hours later when we walked into that hospital room and fell in love.

Five years later, that love has exploded into immeasurable amounts.

Happy Birthday big boy!

First picture with mommy:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The first "moment" . . . .

of way too many, I'm sure.

One of J*'s 2nd cousins told him he's adopted.

Not such a big deal, but J* didn't understand the word in the context. I wasn;t there, so don't now the situation. I was at a bridal shower and hubby was working. J* was with my FIL and the men of that side of the family at my in-laws pool while we were trapped at bridal shower hell ;)

This 8 year old boy is certainly not malicious or mean in any way I have ever seen, so I don't even know how it came up. My FIL actually didn't tell me until today (saturday, and the shower was last Sunday). The boy said it to J* and J* went to his grandpa to ask why he said it.

My heart broke the instant I heard this.

How many times after this first moment will he have to deal with such a question? It takes my breath away.

Now, it really was just a mishap that J* didn't understand the boy's meaning. J* knows he grew in another woman's tummy. He even knows her name by heart. He mentions her a lot. He knows what state he was born in. He knows his brother came from NH too. He knows the situation . . . just not the word. ADOPTED.

So we talked about it tonight. He understands its just another word for what he has always known. The truth. Just not the label.

An he had the perfect answer to my question of what would he say if someone asked him/told him that again?

"DUH! Of course! My mommy and daddy chose me!"

I love every single morsel of that kid.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

true momma

you know you're truly a momma when you give up front row Yankee tickets so your 4 1/2 year-old son can go to a baseball game with his grandpa.

I'm so grown-up!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

words, they come a-tumbling

The Coop brings home a new word every day now! Horse! Nose! Fruit! Pasta! Manny! (Handy Manny if you're curious).

And he is connecting things in that adorable little brain of his . . . he points to the stainless coffee cup and says Dada! He points to the ratty slippers by door and says Mama! Brilliant, I say!

And of course he can now connect words too - that little overachiever! More bubbles! No Mama! Bye bye Dada! And, of course, MORE PASTA!

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's me!

I guess I suck even more than I thought! I haven’t made a blog post in over two months. So sorry! (not that anyone is even still reading . . . .)

But if anyone is still checking in on us, you’re in luck! I started my new (old) job last week, and now I can blog again. Actually, its all I can do. Most of the internet is blocked . . . so I can’t Facebook, Ravelry, shop, visit message boards, see Flickr pictures, or look up most other things. BUT, I can blog in Microsoft Word and post it when I get home. So that’s the plan.

Now, on to the interesting stuff! Today is a big day in our house! J* is registering for Kindergarten! And . . . Cooper starts his first day in the big boy room at daycare! Wow, both my boys are getting so big. If you know me, then you know I am quite happy about this. The baby stage is just so hard for me for some reason.

It looks like Coop will be moving to a big boy bed soon too. He refuses to go to sleep in his crib, and if we move him in there after he falls asleep, he screams his head off if he wakes up in the night, and is inconsolable until you bring him to a bed or the couch. Sigh. I have failed twice as this sleep thing. Oh well, at least they eat vegetables, right?

Cooper got a real haircut yesterday too. Now he really looks like a big boy. No more curls! But it looks so much better. Before, he looked like a mad scientist by the afternoon with those curls sticking up! Hopefully I can post a picture later.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yes, I suck

Get your filthy mind out of the gutter! I suck at blogging, yo!

Quick note to say hello, and to confirm that its just the same old continuous madness in our household. J* woke up in the middle of the night screaming Ouchie!!! over and over, which meant he had a raging ear infection. Now on ABs and drops and 12 hours of TV, he's doing fine.

The Coop, on the other hand, is the healthy one, for once! Those ear tubes are golden. He is talking up a storm, saying apple, birdie, car, tree, fish, baby, ball, oh yeah, more, and NO! And can this kid eat!?! He SHOVELED in the chopped tomatoes from the Bruschetta at a baptism party last night, and is currently oohing and aahing over ravioli and broccoli.

And least I did one thing right.

PS - that new job is still on hold . . .they froe the hiring to re-evaluate the department's stucture. Will know more on Wednesday.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Facing Another Big Decision

This one has to do with my career.

I spend 2-3 hours a day commuting into the city for my dream job. I love my job, but it leaves me no free personal time, or time with the boys other than what we spend on dinner, bath-time, and reading before bed. I am worried about when J* starts Kindergarten in the fall, and when they both start after-school sports in a few years. Will I be the mom who CAN'T go to the games?

Its not that I was looking for an immediate solution to these questions. But one popped up yesterday. My old job, which is 4 minutes from my house, is available, and my old boss took me to dinner last night to pursue re-hiring me.

Its not my dream job . . . it'll be a step back in title, and a world away from my current career path (it would be clinical instead of research), but it is an ideal situation in every other way.

So I am faced with the horrible decision of choosing career over family. And its making my stomach very ill.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I think I've done alright so far . . .

How do you discuss adoption with your children? We read J* a book a lot called "The Day We Met You" and I change some of the words to make it more personalized. I have a book for Cooper, called "Before You Were Born: Our Wish for Baby" that is about frozen embryo adoption. I haven't started with it yet, but I will.

J* remembers the time when Cooper was growing inside me. He says things like, remember when we went to the carnival and I rode the roller coaster by myself, because you had Cooper in your tummy and couldn't go with me?" This kid has a memory like an elephant!

He did ask me once about when he grew in my tummy. We had a short conversation when I explained that he grew in another woman's tummy for us, b/c mommy couldn't grow babies back then. Avery special woman grew him for us, and her name was M*. That was about 8 months ago, if I remember correctly.

About a month ago, he mentioned her name once (and with perfect pronunciation, no less). Last night, my FIL was putting him in my car and was saying how he would miss him while he was in FL for the weekend. The poor man's jaw hit the snowy ground when J* asked him to say hello to M* for him, b/c "she grew me in her tummy, you know".


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Pictures

These were taken last week by Cooper's most loving daycare teacher . . .

J-man and his friend K-man:

Coop playing piano:

Coop eating, then inspecting, his banana:

I'm still here!

Sorry for the quiet . . . I got overwhelmed with holiday stuff from before Thanksgiving, and am just digging myself out from under it all now.

I am making a NY resolution to blog at least once per week. If I don't, please yell at me!

The boys are doing great . . . Coop is talking more and more, and J* is turning into such a little man and a great big brother. Will post a more detailed update with pictures very soon.

Double pinky swear.