Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Waiting Game

So, I had my endocrinology consult on August 5th. There were no surprises. She reviewed the pathology report with me again, and confirmed I would need Radioactive Iodine Ablation (RAI) of any remaining cells, since the cancer had to metasticized to at least 5 lymph nodes.

RAI is both diagnostic and therapeutic: It will show if there are any thyroid cancer cells left in my neck, or if there happens to be any distant metastases (please God, no). Even if there is cancer still present, the radioactive iodine will destroy (ablate) any of it left. Pretty cool.

Problem is . . . I need two injections of a drug called thyrogen, in the days before the RAI treatment, to prep my body. Well, there is a "worldwide shortage" of that drug, so I cannot have the treatment at this point in time.

I really can't make this shit up.

So I am on the "waiting list" for treatments, once the manufacturer produces more. It is expected that there will be an announcement as to when the drug will be available by the end of this month.

So I wait. Again.

You do all know I HATE waiting!!!!!!!!!!???