Thursday, August 30, 2007

3 days and counting

Still here.

My hair is colored and cut.
My toenails are red, and my fingernails are sheer pink.
I am waxed in all important places.
I've walked 8 miles in 3 days.
I started and finished a novel over the past 2 days, and am 1/2 way through another.
Camera batteries are charged, hospital bag is in the car.
Car seat is installed, and even cleaned J*'s seat again yesterday.

I've got nothing left to keep me occupied.

I guess I'll take a nap . . . again.


Luann said...

happy napping!

Just think..this is your last Thursday without him!

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Things to do now that you won't be able to do this time next week:

Take a long, hot bubble bath
Cook up a huge batch of chili/casseroles that can be frozen
Watch totally mindless TV
Read celebrity gossip blogs
Go shopping for something other than groceries

Enjoy the calm before the storm!

Miracle Mommy said...

I know it's hard, but enjoy this time! It will be SO different in a week! Spend some quality time with J* - rent a movie, pop some popcorn and cuddle!

Earthchild618 said...

Lots of love hon!

Ali said...

The waiting has got to suck! But I agree with the others; everthing will be turned upside down next week.

azjenn said...

Yes nap and nap some more. It will soon be a distant memory. If you can try to cook up some meals and freeze them. I had planned on doing this but then Noah showed early and we haven't had a decent meal since he arrived. I have no energy to cook. Good thing your dh works at a restaurant!