Wednesday, August 01, 2007

36 week appointment update

I was so looking forward to this visit, but just as I checked in, my ob got called to assist in an emergency c-section. That meant no ultrasound for me this week. I had to see the PA, who did my group B strep culture and an internal exam. My cervix is shut tight . . . nothing doing down there. For some reason I was so disappointed. In reality I know that 36 weeks is early for dilation, but I was looking for a glimmer of hope that Baby Doo Doo might come a little before his due date. And he is head down again, so that means its all up to my body at this point.

I took a walk with J* last night, and I am writing this entry as I walk on my treadmill, in hopes of getting things moving. I realized how much I sit all day (2-hour round trip commute to work, and lots of sitting at my desk), so now I am motivated to be more active during the day. Don't worry, I won't overdue it. I don't think I can . . . at my cousin's wedding this weekend, I danced for all of 1/2 a song before becoming winded.

On the construction front, the room is just about done! The floors were finished yesterday, so hubby just has to install the baseboards (already cut to size!) and touch up some trim. Furniture will be moved in Friday morning! Just in time, b/c my bro, SIL, and the kids are coming Friday night!


Earthchild618 said...

Woohoo on the room almost being done!!!

Sorry to hear about no US...that sucks.

Lottie said...

Sorry you didn't get a u/s in. Bummer! Glad to hear the room is almost ready & wow...go you on baking the little one so well that he's not quite ready to leave! *wink*

Jennifer Westmoreland said...

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