Monday, July 02, 2007

Better late than never?

I don't have the answer yet. I don't know why my husband waited 31 weeks and 5 days to start the needed renovations on the boys' room, but Saturday he seemed to think he had waited long enough. So he started ripping out the sheetrock in the room to better insulate the walls, replace the sheetrock and re-paint.

Our house was built in the 1950's and used to be a "weekend" home (or beach house) for the original owners. Yes, that means there was tin-foil insulation in the walls, and the past several owners brilliantly wallpapered over wallpaper (perhaps over more wallpaper) throughout the house when redecorating. So it all has to go. When we bought the house, we replaced the sheetrock in some rooms, but not J*'s room, as I gave up for the sake of time (we were living with said MIL for 5 months between closings and renovations). Need I say more? You get the drift.

J*'s room turned out to have several holes in the outside walls behind the poorly insulated sheetrock from an awning that had originally been attached to the house and since torn down. No wonder its freezing in the winter, and hot even with a/c on! Problem solved . . . except that hubby starts off home improvements great, but lacks the tenacity to finish within a time frame. Luckily, ironically, he bumped into a painter we know at Home Depot, so he is coming tonight to give a quote on finishing it.

Hubby is glad he started said project, b/c he found several very old baseball cards inside the walls, which distracted him to the internet to find out if they're worth anything. Considering 48 hours later we still own this piece of shit house, you can guess the answer to that one!


azjenn said...

I am ROFLMAO. Glad he bumped into someone at Home Depot that can finish the project that he most likely would never finish.

mwburdick said...

Do we all have DH like that?
Glad you have someone lined up to finish the project :)

Earthchild618 said... Sorry to hear that the baseball cards didn't propel you into millionaire status.

Uh...MY question wasn't answered...any names aside from Doo Doo???