Tuesday, July 24, 2007

35-week Appointment Update

All is well . . . BP fine, weight up to 19 lbs total gain, measuring great, HR strong. The baby may have moved again, as the doc couldn't feel a head down in my pelvis this week. So I get an u/s at next week's appointment!

I go weekly now, so next Tuesday they will do the u/s, the Group B Strep culture, and my first internal exam! I am sure my cervix will be shut tighter than a bank vault since I haven't had any contractions at all, but it'll be good to know where we are starting from. My acupuncturist said to see her starting at 37 weeks to help start dilation . . . she says she's never had a patient go past her due date if they get acupuncture starting at the right time. I'm all for that!

Had a small nesting session on Sunday morning . . . dismantled and cleaned out the fridge. So NOT me. Maybe there really is something to this nesting thing, although I haven't had any urges to clean since.

Only drama of the day was after my appointment, my car battery was dead in the ob's parking lot. And it was raining. Joy. My FIL was close by, so he came and gave my car a jump. Hubby got a new battery last night and installed it already. It takes emergencies to get anything done on time in case you hadn't noticed.

Oh, and the construction has graduated to sanding and priming the walls as of Sunday. Hubby says he'll have the painting done this weekend, and then the floor can be sanded, stained, and finished. Uh, yeah, won't hold my breath!


azjenn said...

Glad to hear your appt. went so well. Cool that you get another u/s. I know you're hoping that Doo Doo has flipped but for your recovery sake I hope he's still head down.

Can't wait to see pics of the finished room!

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Wow - time flies when it's not my own pregnancy!

Earthchild618 said...

I can't believe that Doo Doo is going to come into this world in 5 weeks!!!!

Glad to hear that the appt was good and that you get another U/S!