Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Checking in . . .

Not much going on this week, so this post will be a bit of everything:

Construction update . . . still constructing. Don't even ask.

I think I am getting carpal tunnel syndrome. My wrists and lower forearms hurt and my hands are a bit weak. Hope it doesn't get too bad that it will affect my driving to work. Hmm, could that get me early disability??

I had overwhelming muscle pain on Friday night and Saturday. So much so, that I actually made my first off-hours call to the ob on Saturday morning. Lucky as I am, the annoying partner was on call, and it sounded like I woke her up at 8:30am. Oh well. I explained that every muscle and most joints in my body were sore, like I had ran a marathon or something. I was worried that it was a systemic infection of some sort. She said it sounded viral or flu-like, and that if it didn't resolve in 24-48 hours, she'd be happy to see me in the office on Monday. I thought she was brushing me off. Well, about 4 hours later, I had a fever of over 100 . . . she was right. I felt better in about 36 hours. Darn. One for her.

My upper back (between my shoulder blades) and my entire belly are plain sore . . .Dr. Google says its from my ribs flaring to make room for my expanding uterus. Next up is hip-widening . . . ooh, the anticipation! Get your front row tickets for that one now, ladies, 'cause this ain't gonna be pretty!

I attended the infamous baby shower the monster-in-law planned for the cousin . . . you know, the one she didn't think I deserved? Yeah, that one. Anyway, I sucked it up and played the good girl. Hubby owes me big time.

So, do you all have any complaining you want to do here? I feel badly its all coming from me!


Earthchild618 said...

I always complain on my blog...dont' feel bad for complaining on yours.

Dr. Bitch may have been right about the viral thing but SCORE for you for waking her ass up!!!!

I can't even imagine the discomfort of your ribs flaring out...it sounds painful!

azjenn said...

Sorry to hear you've been in so much pain. ((HUG)) I have had pain in my arm since about 4 weeks delivery with my fingers going numb, not sure if it's similiar to what you're experiencing. Mine still hasn't gone away. PG & Childbirth are hard on our old bodies. LOL

Holly said...

You are getting so close, I'm sorry you are so uncomfortable! :( Hoping these remaining weeks fly by for you and your husband gets that room done!