Tuesday, June 26, 2007

31 week appointment

Nothing new. All is well. BP fine, total weight gain 16 pounds, measuring right on. Baby Doo Doo was breech during the appointment, but he feels like he flips a lot. We'll see how he's lying at 38 weeks.

Not loving my OB's partner . . . she's so la-di-da about everything. Everything is always "great" according to her. I asked about what will happen if my placenta hasn't moved, and her predictable response was, "oh, I'm sure it has". Asked what happens if he's still breech at 38 weeks . . . you guessed it "I'm sure he won't be!". Is it too much of an effort to endulge me with a few scenarios?

She noted that I looked "tired". I said more emotionally than physically, but yes, I was. She told me to see a psychiatrist now, and get set up so I don't develop post-partum depression. Gee, thanks.

Ultrasound next Friday, 7/6 with the peri, and then back to the OB on 7/9.


Earthchild618 said...

She sounds like a real winner. I hope that perhaps the peri will give you better answers to your questions next week.

azjenn said...

Oh she would bug me too. I'm sure after your u/s next Fri you'll have more answers. Hopefully you won't have to see this OB again. I can't believe she told you to go see a psych. ((HUG))

Holly said...

I would have been upset too! That was so uncalled for about seeing a psych! I hope you don't have to see her again.

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Gosh, a preganant Mom who is tired - bring in the straight-jacket, you are obviously CRAZY!

Give me a break. Is her husband a psych? She must be getting kickbacks for referrals!