Wednesday, January 03, 2007

When will I feel ok to relax and be pg?

After the heartbeat? After the 1st trimester? After the NT scan? Wow, this whole process is terrifying. But good, definitely good.

My hcg at 24dp3dt was 12,201 and progesterone was 28.4. Solid numbers, just not stellar, to make me feel at ease.

The scan at 5w6d measured at 5w5d. That's fine, but why am I not happy? Because it leaves behind that seed of doubt, kwim?

So now I wait for next week's ultrasound, to see a heartbeat (please, oh please), and confirm a "clinical pregnancy". Is this where the other shoe will drop? I pray its not. I always hated that damn other shoe.

**edited to add this nifty chart I found on the internet (love the internet when I find reassuring things!):

HCG Level Doubling Time
< 1200 48-72 hours
1200 to 6000 72-96 hours
> 6000 >96 hours

So the rumor is true that HCG doubling times get slower as the absolute # gets higher. Yes, Jenn, you were right again!!


mwburdick said...

Hugs Suz, I'm sure it will get better and you'll be able to sit back and enjoy being PG.

azjenn said...

Oh I love it when you say I'm Every milestone gets a little easier for the time being. Once you see the hb you will feel better until you start to panic again. I have a feeling that it will last the whole PG although it does lessen up. Once you can hear the hb on a doppler, definitely rent one that way if you are feeling unsure you can just listen to the hb and get the reassurance that you need. Soon you'll be like me wondering if the baby will be normal/healthy. ((HUG))