Monday, January 29, 2007

We locked the fridge.

No, not because I am eating us out of house and home with being pregnant, but b/c our dear son has figured out how to open it! He has been helping himself to cheese and grapes, but yesterday he had the gallon of ice cream out on the coffee table for who knows how long! Immediately after that, hubby went off to Home Depot to get a lock.

Picture how this kid does this . . . We have a side-by-side fridge/freezer. The handles are up a bit to high for him to stand on the floor and have enough leverage to open the doors. So this genius figured out that if he scales up the fridge, holding on to each door, if he lifts one foot while dangling there, that door will open, and he gracefully dismounts with that proud, "look what I did" accomplished look on his face! He also figured out that socks and slippers interfere with this maneuver, so he now takes those off even before beginning this little escapade. I'm sure its only the beginning of even wilder things to come. BOYS! Yes, Jenn and Jen, be afraid . . . be very afraid! (and, by the way, how cool is it that I can say that???)

In other news, 10 weeks today! Rented a doppler and heard that beautiful gallop of a heartbeat. Nausea is minimal, as long as I eat often. Love, love, love those Happy Herb's Oat Bran pretzels. Yum! Have to hide them so no one else eats them. Hopefully, the soluble fiber will help this constipation which is my worst complaint. Its bad. Two-colace/day, tons-of-fiber-and-water, off-the-iron-supps, no-cheese-and-still-backed-up kind of bad. Only thing that helps is acupuncture, but I can't do that everday. Trying acupressure, so I'll let you know how that goes. The fun never stops!


azjenn said...

I can just picture him scaling the Brooke can get our fridge open now(side by side) no scaling involved but she pulled a b-day cake off the top shelf the other day, thank goodness I was there to catch it. She usually just opens it to get her cheese or milk.

Can't believe you're 10 weeks already, you're cruising right along.

Earthchild618 said...

I am also picturing it but instead of J's face, I am picturing M's face. I am in trouble!!!

10 weeks!!!! So sorry about the constipation. I hate constipation. You always feel terrible when you are constipated. I hope that you get some relief soon!

How cool is the doppler!!!