Friday, January 19, 2007

First OB appointment . . .

was yesterday! I went to a new practice that my friend who had the twins (which started as 4 heartbeats, for those that remember!) went to. I wasn't too attached my practice, since I'd only been 2 times for annuals (got new insurance in 2005 and had to change practices). An infertile doesn't really need an ob/gyn for much. My RE did paps and a million other tests, so I just faithfully scheduled my annual visits to get referrals for mammos and such. Never got that warm, fuzzy feeling from her I needed, so I figure if this new practice and the docs put up with my neurotic friend, they must be angels! I really liked them all, so that was good. Yes, warm and fuzzy feelings were had!

Got yet another pic of our little bug. Heartbeat is up to 160's, my BP was 1oo/60 and I lost 2 pounds. Everyone was excited to hear our story, although it confuses a lot of the testing in the future, b/c for some things, I have the risk of a 36 year old body, but for other things, it was a 29 year old bio-mom (at the time). It will be interesting.

I have to schedule my NT scan for 3 weeks or so. That will be my next u/s. How will I ever survive 3 weeks!?! A better question, how will you all survive me the next 3 weeks?!!


Holly said...

I'm just so happy for you Suz! I can't wait to hear all about your pg!

Earthchild618 said... are gonna have a baby!!!!! I am so freaken happy for you!!!

CariP said...

I'm glad all was well!!!!