Monday, January 07, 2008

Guess I'll have to write a book

After my first "real" conversation I had with big brother last week, I started to really contemplate how to discuss both adoptions with my children. It ain't easy. There's so much to say, but you can't say it all at once . . . for now it needs to be simple, and told over and over again, by both of us.

We have the book, The Day We Met You by Phoebe Koehler.
Its a simple paperback that has served us well for the past 2 years. J* knows its the book about him, and he can recite it as I read it with him. I took a sharpie and tailored a few pages to him, adding his name, etc. But I think he needs more depth to the story now. That's why I mentioned his birthmother's name last week.

We have Tell me again about the night I was born by Jamie Lee Curtis, and we've started reading this together. Its amazing how exactly this story fits our own, since he was born in the night, and we did get the call that woke us up (well me, anyway). We were so nervous on that plane ride down, and guarded that baby with our lives on the trip up.

Adoption books have come along way, and I'm sure there are other great ones for me and J* to read. But what about Cooper? What do I read to him?

I did and Amazon search, and found some egg donor books that are quite sweet, and even one I can take my tested Sharpie too, and create a make shift one for Cooper too. But, my kids deserve more than make-shift, ya know?

Guess I'm saying stay tuned. Embryo adoption storybook to come!


Kate said...

That would be so cool to write a book like that for your kids!

Earthchild618 said...

Yup. When I was doing donor embie cycles I looked for books too and couldn't find exactly what I needed. I bought a donor egg book and decided to use it as best I could to mold my story. Then I wrote one of my own.