Friday, January 25, 2008

Finally Friday

Wow, its only been a 4-day workweek with the MLK holiday this past Monday, but I am just so exhausted. Thankfully, Friday is here!

Update on the sleep training . . . J* does well some nights with sleeping all night. Last night and the night before he has called for me, and like the sucker I am, I go and lay with him for a bit. As for the "going-to-sleep-by-himself" effort, he will still cry until I go back in, but it was down to twice last night that I had to go in, and he fell asleep after that. I don't love this method, but I'll give it another week. It just seems that he screams/cries for awhile, which tires him out, and that is why he falls asleep . . . not b/c he's learning anything, KWIM? What do you guys think?

Cooper has his first sickies . . . he has a cough and a bit of a fever this week. Croup was going around daycare, so hopefully it will not turn into that. He has such a sad little cough, and the sneezes! Oh, poor thing. But when he's awake, he's pretty happy, so it looks like it doesn't bother him.

I have given Coop oatmeal and applesauce a few times each. I just bought green beans and carrots, but more just to have them for when we're ready. He doesn't eat much of either the cereal or the apples, so I'll stick to that for awhile.

He goes down about 7-7:30pm, but wakes to eat about 2am, then again at 5:30am. Please send STTN thoughts, please! Mommy and Daddy need real sleep!

As for me, my next doctoral class starts 2/5, so I am enjoying the "time off" by doing a little crocheting, joining Facebook (cool!), and doing a little consultant work for extra cash. $2400 a month in daycare costs are really putting us in the hole!

Well, here's a pic for Foto Friday! Cooper at 20 weeks this past Monday, giving his "tough-guy" look:


Ali said...

OMG what a cutie!! Love that pic. On the nights jack isn't as tired (took a nap that day)it seems like there is a routine with how many times I have to go up there. There is usually the one about 3 min after I leave. Then there is another one about 15-20 min later. Then after the next 30 min that is the last one. Each time he just wants to tell me some nonsense. He doesn't cry. Just plays. On the last one I ususally give him a close snuggle and talk softly and then he is off to sleepy land. I never lay down with him.

Just keep it up and hopefully he will stop the crying and realize you aren't going to give in. I think you are doing a great job.

azjenn said...

Love the pic! Cooper is getting so big. Sending STTN vibes your way. I would try and cut out one of those night feedings the 2am one. Once he gets used to not getting food in the middle of the night then he'll quit waking.

I don't think I'd lay down with J when he cries/screams for you. I would walk back in there and tell him it's time to go to bed. When Brooke tries to pull this I tell her she has to go to bed or "xxx" insert fav toy will be in timeout the next day. Seems to work.

Holly said...

I love love love that picture! How sweet! Goodluck with J, just keep at it, even though it is hard.