Saturday, June 13, 2009

The first "moment" . . . .

of way too many, I'm sure.

One of J*'s 2nd cousins told him he's adopted.

Not such a big deal, but J* didn't understand the word in the context. I wasn;t there, so don't now the situation. I was at a bridal shower and hubby was working. J* was with my FIL and the men of that side of the family at my in-laws pool while we were trapped at bridal shower hell ;)

This 8 year old boy is certainly not malicious or mean in any way I have ever seen, so I don't even know how it came up. My FIL actually didn't tell me until today (saturday, and the shower was last Sunday). The boy said it to J* and J* went to his grandpa to ask why he said it.

My heart broke the instant I heard this.

How many times after this first moment will he have to deal with such a question? It takes my breath away.

Now, it really was just a mishap that J* didn't understand the boy's meaning. J* knows he grew in another woman's tummy. He even knows her name by heart. He mentions her a lot. He knows what state he was born in. He knows his brother came from NH too. He knows the situation . . . just not the word. ADOPTED.

So we talked about it tonight. He understands its just another word for what he has always known. The truth. Just not the label.

An he had the perfect answer to my question of what would he say if someone asked him/told him that again?

"DUH! Of course! My mommy and daddy chose me!"

I love every single morsel of that kid.

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Tracy said...

I love the response!