Monday, April 27, 2009

It's me!

I guess I suck even more than I thought! I haven’t made a blog post in over two months. So sorry! (not that anyone is even still reading . . . .)

But if anyone is still checking in on us, you’re in luck! I started my new (old) job last week, and now I can blog again. Actually, its all I can do. Most of the internet is blocked . . . so I can’t Facebook, Ravelry, shop, visit message boards, see Flickr pictures, or look up most other things. BUT, I can blog in Microsoft Word and post it when I get home. So that’s the plan.

Now, on to the interesting stuff! Today is a big day in our house! J* is registering for Kindergarten! And . . . Cooper starts his first day in the big boy room at daycare! Wow, both my boys are getting so big. If you know me, then you know I am quite happy about this. The baby stage is just so hard for me for some reason.

It looks like Coop will be moving to a big boy bed soon too. He refuses to go to sleep in his crib, and if we move him in there after he falls asleep, he screams his head off if he wakes up in the night, and is inconsolable until you bring him to a bed or the couch. Sigh. I have failed twice as this sleep thing. Oh well, at least they eat vegetables, right?

Cooper got a real haircut yesterday too. Now he really looks like a big boy. No more curls! But it looks so much better. Before, he looked like a mad scientist by the afternoon with those curls sticking up! Hopefully I can post a picture later.


meddlingkidd said...

I'm still reading :)! How are you enjoying the new/old job?

I registered Abbey for Kindergarten in February and her screening is next Monday...I can't believe they're ready for school already! Good luck with the sleeping stuff. We actually did better when Abbey was a baby...since she's been in a big girl bed we have to sit with her till she falls asleep...sigh!

azjenn said...

Thank God you finally posted. Of course I haven't stopped checking and hoping for an update. ;)

We definitely need to see a pic of Coop's new do!

I can't believe you have another little dude that has sleeping issues. Guess you'll sleep when they move out right?