Saturday, June 09, 2007

28 week appointment and pic

All is well. Blood pressure still 100/60 despite MIL drama and horrific traffic on the way to appointment! Total of a 14 pound gain so far. Passed glucose test, but am anemic. Hmm, guess I gotta start taking my prenatals. Yes, I'm bad. Its just the prenatals were sooooo constipating, and we all know my other issues about that, so I avoided them like the plague. Don't think I am a bad mother by not fueling my fetus with micronutrients . . . I take the Scooby Doo vitamin colors that my son refuses. Waste not want not! Oh, and i take that Lipil DHA supplement too. Now I go back every two weeks! Wow!


Earthchild618 said...

Looks like Doo Doo is growing wonderfully! You are almost there! Not too long from now you will be holding him in your arms!

azjenn said...

14lbs that's it? You're making me look bad! Glad everything is going so well and you finally hit your 28 week goal. Yea!