Wednesday, June 20, 2007

limbo and feeling yucky

I am suspended in limbo. . . between ob appointments, ultrasounds, and dealing with horrible constipation, heartburn and nausea that make me just want to go home and go to bed till my next appointment.

Just my luck, these darn prenatals have cemented my bowels. Four colace, and 2-4 senokot per day didn't help, so last night I took M.O.M. Would you believe that didn't even work??? I mean, come on! It did make me nauseated, so thanks for that. I didn't sleep well b/c my stomach was gurgling and going crazy all night, so now I'm comatose at work too. Lovely. I'm a real charmer this week.

Sigh, 8-10 more weeks of pregnancy. How will I make it?


azjenn said...

Man those prenatals are hard on you. ((HUGS)) Sorry you're feeling so yucky, I'm right there with you hun. I keep saying to myself "And women do this PG thing over and over again??" They must be crazy. LOL

Earthchild618 said...


This is one reason why I don't "regret" not having been pregnant. I wanted only the good stuff...not the bad stuff...

Diva Mom Vicki said...

My OB said that taking a double dose of chewable children's vitamins was fine if the prenatals were too hard on my system.

Yum, Gummy Vites!