Friday, March 30, 2007

Tying up loose ends . . .

Got my 2nd trimester sequential screen results: all negative! Put that together with the 1st trimester screen, which was negative, and that means no reason for an amnio! We weren't planning to have one anyway, unless something was really wrong, but its nice to know there isn't! Level 2 u/s Friday, April 6th and next OB appt Monday, April 9th.

Finally wearing all maternity clothes and am so much more comfortable. I saw my naked thighs in a full-length mirror this morning (am at a hotel for a conference -don't have a full-length at home) and yikes, they are gross. I guess I got away without exercising long enough. It was a nice vacation from the obsessive planning of when and where to exercise that I have been dealing with since my teens, but time to get real. I need to wear a bathing suit if I am gonna make it through the summer. Plus, labor is supposed to be easier if you're in good shape, right? Come on, someone give me some encouragement!

No, no names yet. Want to make sure he is still a boy at next week's ultrasound. I've also been holding back at really believing this all will turn out ok, with a healthy baby at the end, so didn't want to pick a name and get more attached. If you've been through IF, you'll get what I mean.

No kicks yet either. Today I'm 18w4d. they better come soon! I sometimes feel a few tickles low down, but still could be gas. I am trying to be patient!

Still dealing with constipation and nasal /sinus congestion. I guess this is the hand I was dealt for pg. I'll take it. I always hated throwing up.


Earthchild618 said...

Sweetie...I am sure your thighs are just perfect! And...if they are alittle less than perfect, just come sit next to me on the beach and you will look like a beauty queen!

The baby is saving all the kicks until he is big enough to cause you some damage! LOL. He will be kicking the crap out of you soon!

Can't wait to hear his name (middle name Doo Doo?).

azjenn said...

Ok you are such a tiny thing there's no way your thighs look like you are describing them!

I know some women don't feel kicks until they are 20+ weeks. I would ask at your level 2 if you have an anterior placenta. I hear women with those don't feel the kicks till later on. Once you start feeling them they don't stop.

Can't wait to hear how your level 2 goes. Glad all the screening has come back negative.

meddlingkidd said...

So glad all is going well! I can't wait to see how your u/s goes next week!

If you are feeling tickles down low you will probably be feeling full on kicks very soon. I only recognized my first kicks in hindsight after the more definate ones :)!