Friday, March 09, 2007

16 week appointment update

Short and sweet, meaning all is well. HR was strong (150's). BP was fine, fundal height measuring right on, up 2 pounds overall (their scale says 3 1/2, but I like to go by mine - wink!). Got my requisition to schedule the level 2 ultrasound, and the lab slip to do my final sequential screen test. Next appointment at 20 weeks!


Have you all gone to yet?? Have you told a friend, spread the word? Embryo adoption is an unknown option, and it has made our dreams come true, so I feel passionate about informing others. Thanks for reading, and helping to spread the word if/when you can. If anyone is considering this option, go to to bond with others going through the process. It helped me tremendously.


Luann said...

I registered so I could see what was available...I just don't know though....Ray and I haven't even discussed that option..and we have no ivf insurance.

azjenn said...

Glad to hear that your appt. went well. You're cruising right along.

Earthchild618 said...

Doing great Mommy!