Monday, March 26, 2007

He cracks me up

My son is so amusing. He keeps me laughing at all moments. I just can't get enough of him!

Last night, we had steak for dinner. J* started eating before we did, and the steaks weren't done, so he asked for chicken. Once we sat down with our plates, of course he wanted some, so he starts spearing the piece on my plate. Hubby cut him a few bite sized pieces and he digs in. He spit out a piece declaring, "this is too spicy, Dad"(apparently he got a piece with a good dose of Montreal Steak Seasoning on it). SPICY? Where did he learn the word spicy, AND the correct use of it?? We looked at each other and just burst out laughing. This is the kid whose pediatrician was concerned about his lack of speech at 15 months. HA!

Since he turned two, he's been using words like "dangerous", "California", and "triceratops". Such a mouthful for little guy, but he spits out the words and keeps going? I just had to write about it, so I didn't forget this gem.

On friday, my girlfriend picked J* up at daycare for the first time, to save me time so that I could go straight from work to her house for a playdate/dinner. I was worried he wouldn;t cooperate or be upset, but he did great. Apparently the car conversation went something like this . . .

E: J*, what is your baby brother's name going to be?
J: Doo-Doo Doo-Doo! (his standard response for a month now).
E: And where is he going to live when he comes?
J: With the other Doo-Doo Doo-Doo's.

I'm sure some swerving and hysterical laughter occurred at that. What a pip!!!

The other amusing situation is the potty-training. Since that one weekend of trying out the big-boy underwear, we haven't pushed much. Over the past few weeks, he has asked to pee standing up, like Daddy, and will now go voluntarily 2-3 times a day. Sometimes, he'llk jsut march right in and take down his pants. Its a bit messy, as he has no aim, but hey, he's interested. Don't know if he's more interested in the Heshey's Kiss he gets for peeing though. Thanks, Daddy. Not.


Earthchild618 said...

How funny! Kids are great when they start blurting out this stuff!

Oh and I love the name Doo Doo. You didn't tell me you were thinking of Doo Doo! LOL...funny kid!

azjenn said...

I think baby Doo Doo is a great name. I guess he figures since you haven't chosen a name he gets to pick...LOL

I can just picture him aiming at the potty...boys can be messy. Can't wait! LOL