Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm done!

I am finally done with the semester! My presentation went well on Friday morning, and I used the momentum to work on my paper for 2 mor ehours, and got it finished. It is not a paper I am proud of . . . which feels weird to me. I am so anal about schoolwork. But, its time to break the straight A average and get on with life, right?

Speaking of life, the sickies are back at our house. Jax has a double ear infection with fever and Cooper has a cough and runny nose. It is going to be a loooooooonnnnnggggg winter of sickness around here, I can feel it.

Well, I am ready to start celebrating the holidays! My tree is done, the Christmas cards are out, and I hope to ship my Christmas Cookie Exchange packages today! Its snowing outside, and I think I will wrap more presents today, and do some Christmas crafts. I love Christmas!!

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Ali said...

Pretty Tree! At least you can enjoy your holiday now.