Thursday, December 27, 2007

The first "real" conversation

J: when is Cooper going to be a big brother like me?
ME: Cooper's never going to be a big brother. He'll always be the baby brother and you'll always be the big brother.
J: Why?
ME: Because mommy and daddy aren't going to have anymore babies.
ME: Because mommy and daddy have enough babies. Don't you think we have enough babies?
J: No, we need more. Can we get more?
ME: No, we got the two babies we wanted most already. You and your brother!
J: from where mommy?
ME: Well . . . . a very special lady in Florida named M* made you in her tummy and then gave you to Mommy in Daddy.
J: My Florida? Where I was born, right?
ME: Yes. And do you know E* and E*'s mommy? She made Cooper and then gave him to us, and the doctors put him in my tummy to be born.
J: Wow, I didn't know that! Can I have some grapes?


azjenn said...

Too cute! Brooke says we need more babies too. I told her when she's older she can have as many babies as she wants but Mommy is done. LOL

Diva Mom Vicki said...

I get the 'when are you going to have another baby' question all the time from Bittyman. (Heck, he's still bummed I didn't have twins this time around!)

Just the thought makes me exhausted - but at least Bitty thinks younger siblings are a good thing!

Earthchild618 said...

Too cute! Maddox is busy making sure he DOES NOT get a baby brother or sister LOL.

Holly said...

too cute! I cracked up when he said. "can I have some grapes" lol that is so typical of their conversations.

Julia said...

Priceless! You should see my toddler's eyes glaze over when I try to discuss lofty subject like God... Pass the grapes, indeed. :)