Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What a difference a day makes . . .

I knew this pg being smooth as it seemed was too good to be true. I had my 20w OB appointment yesterday afternoon. My weight, blood pressure, baby's measurements and heartbeat were all great. Then we discussed the report from the perinatologist regarding Friday's scan.

We have been focusing on the wrong problem. Hearing there may be a sixth toe threw us for a loop, but it is really no big deal. The son of a woman I work with was born with six toes, and they had it removed early on. No big whoop.

The "varicose vein" issue is the bigger one. How would we know, since Dr. Oliver Petty was so nonchalant about it. He used the words "varicose vein" to put into lay terms what is really called a placental lake, or pool of blood in the placenta. Again, not a big deal, especially since its not too close to my cervix. But, I couldn't find it on the internet, so of course had to ask the ob (as she was walking me down the hall to leave) what he meant by it. Turns out the fucker didn't even include it in the formal report to my doc. Not a word, which may have not been a big deal, but my doc wanted a bit more clarification on it, so she gave him a call. He wasn't available, so she left a message to be called back. She assured me it was probably not a significant issue, but would call if it was.

Well, as you may guess, the phone was ringing as I got home, and it was her. Gulp. She said she spoke to Dr. Weirdo's partner, who pulled up my scan pictures to take a look. Well, whattya know . . . I have a low-lying placenta, and am now on "pelvic rest" until I have a follow-up scan with the "specialist" (definitely scheduling it with the partner next time) in 6-8 weeks. You got it right . . . no sex, no lifting toddlers, no carrying groceries, no exercise. Fuck.

Low-lying placenta means that it is attached to the lower third of the uterus, close to the cervix. It is defined as Placenta Previa (bad thing) if it is adjacent to the cervix, partially covering the cervix, or completely covering it. If its less than 2cm away, it is a high risk for placenta previa. Mine is 2.8cm away, which is too close for comfort for a worrier like me, and for my OB and the peri's partner, interestingly not for him though.

Did my research, and low-lying placenta resolves itself in about 90% of cases, when diagnosed at the mid-pg scan. This is because the uterus still has a great deal to grow, and since it usually grows up, it will help to stretch that part of the placenta (hopefully) away from the cervix. I guess the concern is that I am small, so it may not have much room to grow and move away. We will have to wait and see at the next scan what happens. If I bleed, that means bedrest. As heavenly as time off from work and life sounds, its not worth it when it means trouble for my little six-toed belly bug.

Ugh. Off to search for more info on all of this.


Earthchild618 said...


I am sorry hon. I know that this is going to be a huge something to worry about. While I am sure you will be in the 90% of "fine", I, like you, would be worrying like crazy!

Can I come there and smack the shit out of this dude????

mwburdick said...

((HUGS)) Suzanne I'm sorry that guy was such a jerk, good thing you said something to you OB and she looked into it. I know your gonna worry so I wont tell you not to. But I'll just keep exercising for you :)
BIG HUGS,my friend I know everything will be just fine.
Love you :) or as Calvin would say wov u

Miracle Mommy said...

Praying for you (((HUGS))).

Amy from FBA

Diva Mom Vicki said...

I can't believe that guy! Holy cow!

Hang in there. I'm throwing up some extra prayers to St. Gerard for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Suzanne, I am sorry that the DR was not on his best behavior. What in the heck was he thinking? I am just glad you were on top of things. Have they forgotten who they are dealing with???

I am sure everything will be fine. Please take it easy. I will be saying a few extra prayers for ya'll!


Sparkle said...

Thank goodness for your Ob, far out you can't take you eye off anything!
Hoping the rest does the trick, and everything continues well.

azjenn said...

I know we e-mailed about this but wanted to add a ((HUG)) here too. Take it easy and I will be praying that you don't have any complications.

I'm with Jenn that jerk needs his ass kicked!

Ali said...

Dumb Dr.! What the heck? I know you will probably go nuts worrying, but try not to. (((HUGS)))