Monday, April 09, 2007

20 down, 20 to go

Halfway mark! Big HUMP day! Can start counting down now! (well, count down for delivery, count up for the pound! Up 7 total as of this morning).

We had our Level 2 ultrasound with a perinatologist on Friday (routine for the over 35 crowd). This is the same as the anatomy scan for all pgs, but you get to pay extra for a specialist. Bonus.

I had to laugh, b/c Dr. Specialist looked like a cross between Tom Petty, and Oliver from the Brady Bunch, glasses and hair and all. But he was good, so we were happy. They looked over every inch of this kid, to make sure all is well . . . and it is. Big sigh of relief. And he's still a boy. Time to start picking a name.

There were two small issues, one being a "varicose vein" in my placenta, which may bleed over the next few weeks if I don't take it easy, so I am off the hook for exercising once again (silent cheer!). The risk of a bleed goes down with each passing week, b/c the baby grows up and moves the placenta along with it, so it will be farther away from the cervix.

Other issue is possibly only cosmetic . . . there may be six toes on his left foot. When the doctor told me this, hubby was out of the room changing J*'s diaper. I don't remember feeling one way or another about it (kinda thought it was oddly a cool thing), but when hubby came back, he seemed sort of horrified. We've had the weekend to digest it (and of course web-search it), and it turns out polydactyly, or an extra toe or finger, occurs in 1 of 500 kids. Thought that was a lot! So there must be some of you readers out there with extra "digits", or born with it and had it removed.

This seems to be a case of the most common and least severe form. It is an extra small toe, that may be more of a skin tag (protruding extra skin) than a toe with bone (rare). Dr. Specialist was very blase` about it, because his sister's 3 kids all had 6 toes on one foot. Wild, huh?

Surgery is needed if you want it removed and it has bone structures. If its just soft skin, it can be tied off to cut off circulation and it will fall off like the cord stump. I don't know if I can handle THAT . . . you know, finding a toe on the floor. Hmm. Hubby wants to know if they can just do a double circumcision in the hospital. Anyone know???


azjenn said...

1st off congrats on reaching halfway!

Ok I wish I had gone to a Peri to have such a detailed scan. We didn't get detailed as much as counting the actual fingers and toes so Noah could have an extra digit and not even know it. I think it's better to know beforehand so it's not a shock at birth. I didn't know that your placenta could have a vericose vain...learn something new every day.

And please name this boy it's driving me crazy that we don't know his name yet! LOL

Earthchild618 said...

I actually kind of thought the extra toe thing was cool too! Better than having a third nipple (think Chandler of Friends).

I want to hear names girlie!

And a big congrats for being halfway there!