Monday, April 23, 2007

Out of sorts (while out in shorts)

We had beautiful weather this weekend . . .75 and sunny both days. What a difference it makes in my mood and motivation when we can go outside in the yard, or barbecue our dinner and sit on the deck instead of being cooped up in the house. It is enough to confirm my suspicions that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. I need warmth. There's something to be said for retiring to Florida (if you can ignore the fat, old people and the humidity and hurricanes!).

As beautiful and enjoyable as this weekend was, I found myself feeling out of sorts. I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. Maybe its because I am on restricted activity. Any other normal weekend (pre-pg of course), I would have woken up early and been out for a run before the boys even woke up. I would have been tinkering around the yard, or doing some spring cleaning and housework. I am feeling so confined these days.

Another example - oh, how I miss my cocktails! The weather being gorgeous, all I wanted was a fruity cocktail, a sip of hubby's beer or my usual Sunday mimosa with lunch. Then a bottle of wine with dinner of course. It was such a knee-jerk reaction that I seriously had to fight it off! I guess I really am a woman of habits. Confession: I had a sip of pineapple vodka, and a bite of saturated pineapple. Yes, I do have a glass or two of wine each week, but I've tried to stay away from most everything else. I am an all-or-nothing kinda gal, so if I can't have 3 or 4, why have one sip?

And finally, my body nor my wardrobe were ready for the change in seasons. Yikes! I need a pedicure, a waxing, serious exercise for my ass and thighs, and a golden tan to jump into shorts. I had to settle for a tank top and light pajama pants. We may live in the burbs, but the neighbors can see into our yard (as we can see into theirs, and ugh, remind me not to look again!). I better get all that accomplished soon, since we are headed to FL in 3 weeks anyway.

Oh, and Mister Big Boy J* did great with his underwear this weekend, and loved to "water" the trees! By last night, he would march over to a plant and pull down his pants all by himself! I feel we are getting closer to that elusive goal of potty-trained! But hey, I didn't know that giving up naps was part of the deal, so can someone let him know that's not allowed yet! that meant I missed my nap both days too!!!!!!!


mwburdick said...

I can just see J* "watering" the trees :) Just think you'll be done with diapers with him and on to little little diapers again with the new one.
Dont worry I had enough wine for you this weekend!!
and yes I had my white pasty legs in shorts this weekend! But I do live in WI and it normal to see white pasty legs :) :) :)

azjenn said...

Oh I miss my wine too and a nice cold Corona is calling my name. It sucks being on restriction but try to relax. I hear you on the white legs hopefully in FL next week I can finally get some color. WTG J and the big boy pants!

Earthchild618 said... legs are always pasty white...except for where they have tattoos on them.

I am ROTFLMAO at J watering the trees.

Soon you will be able to celebrate the arrival of your little one with a nice big drink!

Ali said...

Hang in there! I hear ya on the white legs. I started my Natural glow cream yesterday! I did a bit of sun on my arms last weekend as we were out in the yard so much, but I didn't have a tank on so I have a farmers tan already!

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