Monday, February 19, 2007

GULP! 13 weeks!

For those of you who NEED to see my growing belly, feast your eyes (LOL). . . I guess its a bit bigger. Now that the little sucker is above my pubic bone, he's starting to stretch out and make himself at home!!

And for those asking, no name picked out yet. I'm sure it will come down to the wire, just like last time.

I have been doing baby crafts like crazy, and the only 4 women that I know are pregnant are having boys too, so there's lots of blues and primary colors around. But for some reason, I ust can't start to make something for my SON. Its still a bit scary. I have plenty of time anyway, so I think I'll just keep looking around for that perfect project. If you're expecting a girl, or matched with a birthmother of a girl, let me know. I may need to take a blue break and make something pink!

Oh, my other weekend project - maternity shorts made from old shorts I never wear anymore! Credit goes to KellyGreenT for showing the pattern on FBA. It was just a trial, but definitely easy! Excuse my underwear lines . . . I'm off to buy bigger sizes today!!


Earthchild618 said...

I love your belly!!!

I wish I was crafty! I loved loved loved what you sent me. I am envious that I can't make a darn thing LOL.

tally96 said...

What a cute little belly!

Holly said...

Look at your cute pg belly! awww I love it!

azjenn said...

Seeing your belly puts a big smile on my face! Like Jen I'm jealous of how crafty you are.

mwburdick said...

love the belly shot :) keep them coming. You are so darn crafty.

CariP said...

Look at your cute belly!!!