Wednesday, December 20, 2006

third beta in!

They took forever to call today . . . a full 2 hours later than the other days, so I immediately think something is wrong. Thankfully, not yet. Beta at 13dp3dt is 769, E2 was 233 and P4 was 34.7. I have one more blood draw on Friday, and if all is good, we'll be scheduled for an u/s to see what's brewing in there. Anybody want to place any bets? I know a good bookie.


CariP said...

Wow, Suz! Congratulations! I have absolutely every appendage crossed for you that this (these?) babies stick around!!!

Holly said...

Thats awesome Suz!!!!

azjenn said...

You know how excited I am for you hun. Can't wait to hear the u/s results. My bet is on twins!

Love ya!