Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas fun!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my family, and a crazy Christmas Day with my in-laws. It was crazy b/c it was 3 people, but we had fun. We are overwhelmed with toys, but we'll hide some away for now, so save for those times of boredom.

We told our families about the pregnancy . . . yes, it may be a bit premature, but we decided to celebrate it, whether or not it continues. This is our only chance to ever be pg, so we enjoyed sharing the news on Christmas just like I always dreamt of all these years. At least we had that.

Still feel un-pregnant and very worried. Three days until u/s at 5w5d. More waiting!

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azjenn said...

I'm so glad that you shared the news with your family. What a wonderful Christmas for you! I can't wait for Fri to get here so I can hear how many babies you've got brewing in there.