Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Things I want to remember . . .

I am 4 weeks and 1 day pregnant, so this can really go either way at this point. There are some things I want to remember in any case.

I made first contact with our donor mom on May 27th, 2006. We corresponded through email for awhile, and then our families met on July 16th at the Mystic Aquarium. We hit it off right away.

We decided to use their clinic in New England (4 1/2 hours from us) to do the transfer. We met with their doctors on Sept 12 and 13th, along with our donors who also had appointments on those days.

Transfer was on Dec 7th, 2006. Of the 5 embryos, 3 of them made it to transfer. One was a 7-cell, grade B, another was a 4 cell, grade A-, and the last was a 5 cell, grade C. We went for broke and transferred all. I had my first + hpt ever in my life on December 14th at 6dp3dt. I had felt really nauseated that morning, and again in a cab crosstown in the afternoon, so I thought "maybe". I took a test at 4pm after I got home and it was so very lightly positive. I doubt the nausea was a symptom, since I think implantation was that morning or during the preceding night. Who knows.

My initial beta was 115 on 9dp3dt and then more than tripled to 370 on 11dp3dt. I go tomorrow morning for beta number 3, and will find out the numbers after 12 noon. I haven't had any other symptoms except some cramping (very much like Af cramps when you are about to bleed) since 8dp3dt. And I am hungrier and not in the mood for my usual foods. Strange.

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