Wednesday, November 07, 2007


This whole "asking for help" thing is new to me. I don't do it well. But I obviously can't handle all that is going on with me (emotionally, hormonally, physically) and take good care of two kids and a husband, a house, the finances, and now preparing to go back to work full-time. I am splitting at the seams. Yes, the meds are helping . . . and I have not gotten up for a night feeding in 2 weeks thanks to an amazing hubby (not counting the Saturdays he works till 3am of course). The babysitter is helping too . . . just knowing that she is coming on certain nights makes me feel better and, well, less alone.

So, why am I humbled? I asked MIL to come over and be with me last night. She came at 5:45 and stayed until 9:30 when hubby came home. And I was nice. We had a pleasant evening. Interesting.


azjenn said...

I know how hard it is to ask for help, I'm the same way but I'm glad you are doing it. My Mom used to drive me nuts(I'm sure she will again) but she has been there so much for me while I was struggling with the hormone issues and anxiety and we are so much closer now. This is the time where family and good friends are really important and babysitters too. LOL As the meds really get into your system it will get easier. I'm glad you're finally getting some good sleep. Hang in there hun, it will get better!

Ali said...

Asking for help gets easier too. I have learned that I need to stay sane and sometimes if I don't then I don't know what will happen. If that means dropping him off for a while or just asking for someone to come over I feel better. Glad you are getting the help you need. Hang in there!

mwburdick said...

Suz (((HUGS))) I'm glad you are able to get help. It so hard to do it all yourself. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm a phone call away sweetie :)
Like Jenn said hang in there, it will get better.

Anonymous said...

You are my hero!!! Asking for help we all have trouble with. I am already feeling anxious about the holiday season and getting it all in. Sounds like Michael is being a true champ!


Kate said...

I'm so glad everything is getting better for you. :o)

Earthchild618 said...

Asking for help is a huge issue for me too. But, once I just learned how to bite the bullet and do it, I realized that EVERYONE has to ask for help sometimes.

Glad that you are getting help and able to make life easier!