Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A big decision

The quandry in a nutshell . . . Cooper's bio family have been storing 3 remaining embryos. They have decided their family is complete. They have offered them to us, or they will be discarded.

Storage fees are $400 per year. I kinda think we're done too, financially, physically and emotionally. But how can I be sure?

What would you do?


azjenn said...

Yikes that's a tough decision. I know that we are done but heck if I won the Powerball would I feel that way? LOL Sorry I'm not much help. What does Mike say?

Suzy said...

Gosh, I can understand your dilemma. We have 3 sitting there as well. :( Part of me really wants a 3rd...then the sane part of me steps in and says I can barely handle the 2 I have!! If it were to happen 'accidentally', I'd be pretty much ecstatic (and of course a little worried)...but to actually have to plan it out really is a lot harder! Good luck!!

meddlingkidd said...

Suz, I am in a totally different position than you but I've always wanted three so if I were you I'd probably try for number three. That being said, after trying for number two for over three years with no luck I have pretty much abandoned the idea of trying any longer. Like Suzy, though, I'd welcome a happy accident (with a little worry). I know I'm no help...All I can do is wish you luck in deciding!

Ali said...

Tough decision. Do you want to put your body thru that again? Do you want a third. I am having the same quesitons with having a 2nd. This adoption is going to kill me. I keep saying if I would just get PG then all my decisions would be made for me. I know I am no help,but I guess I would say don't over think it. How did you feel before they called. If you felt complete then you are.

Colette said...

You already know the answer, just listen to yourself. The final decision is between you and your hubbie.

Remember everything in this world happens for a reason, working out the reason/why is the hardest.

Best of Luck.

mwburdick said...

Hey Suz, I kinda feel like Jenn, If I could win the Powerball great, sign me up! But as things stand right now, we are a happy family of 3. Its hard to say no to them when you have stuggled for so long, but you do have 2 very beautiful boys!

Leslee said...

I'm a new reader, but I wanted to say, I think I would choose to accept the remaining embryos. We still have sperm on ice from 2.5 years ago... just in case.

Good luck!