Monday, October 20, 2008

I have learned my lesson!

I was changing the Coop's diaper and J* starts dancing around saying he needs to pee. I told him to go (he potties by himself ALL the time), but he wouldn't go without me. He continues to whine when I am elbow deep in baby poop, so I say in my usual snippy, smart-ass response I usually reserve for my husband, "well, just pee in your pants then, if you won't go by yourself". He went back to watching TV, standing by the couch. I thought I bought myself 2 extra minutes.

Boy was I wrong! Yes, he did. He peed himself. And what did I get? "but Mom, you told me too!".

I have learned my lesson. The Hard Way.


azjenn said...

Oh no what a little stinker! Guess he was right you told him to. Brooke goes through phases(all the time) when she wants me to go in the bathroom with her. She always says "Could you help me?" even when she doesn't need help. It's so much easier when they are in diapers. I'm not looking forward to training another one.

Ali said...

Oh boy! Yesterday Jack had to go #2 and wanted me to turn the light on. I of course said that he could do it just fine by himself. The I said he was wasting more time complaining about it than just doing it. As he us running to the bathroom in a huff he says "you are the worst mommy ever" Over a light switch? Please.