Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Birthdays, Weddings and Teeth . . . Oh My!

What a busy month already, and it ain't over!

Cooper only turned one, and he's already celebrating on the Birthday Bell Curve schedule. This is something we came up with in college if your bday fell in the middle of the week. Your Birthday Bell Curve celebration started the weekend before and lasted until the weekend after. Of course, it expanded to a month-long party by the time we were seniors . . . .

Anyway, 3 cakes later, Cooper was officially one-year old. Formula gone. Crawling over. Toddler time has arrived! Unfortunately, so has his 5th ear infection, so he is on close watch. Since he had one a month from June - Sept during NOT primetime sick weather, if he gets one more, he may need tubes. As of yesterday, he had 4 teeth coming in on top - all at the same time. He is still a sweet little guy, despite the pain he must be in! And in grand Coop style, he had an allergic reaction to another antibiotic, this time Cefdinir. It was only a "little rash" this time.

He has a few words/phrases now too . . . Dada, Mama, wha dat?, and Tiger (FIL's cat). He does a mean head shake for a NO! too, LOL!

First cake:

Hubby's sis got married over the weekend, and J* was a ring-bearer . . . in name only. He donned the tux, looked sweet as ever, but wouldn't walk down the aisle. Well, at least we have good pictures.


azjenn said...

Yea I've been dying for an update on you and your gang! I love the pic of the 3 of you.

Sounds like Coop is into everything as is Noah. Wish we lived by eachother so they could play together!

Earthchild618 said...

Cooper sounds like he is becoming quite the little man! He is adorable by the way.

I love the pic of the three of you...

Ali said...

Love the pic of the 3 of you. You look great! Coop sounds like a handful. Poor guy all those teeth and ear infections.