Wednesday, July 09, 2008

All better, and with teeth too!

thanks for the well wishes . . . Coop's rash resolved quickly and he was just fine! Then, on June 29th, he finally sprouted a tooth! Not to be outdone, tooth #2 was just behind it on July 5th! He turned 10 months on the 3rd, and celebrated by climbing up one step on the stairs. Here comes trouble. Oy!

J's b-day is tomorrow, but his party is on Sunday. I'll leave you with a few pics until I recap the party.

J's first fish!

Coop's first trip to the beach:


Ali said...

Coop doesn't look so sure if he likes it or not! Cute! J is so big! Happy Birthday big dude!!! Don't ya just love the crocs on the little kids! It was the best thing I got for Jack. Of course he doesn't wear any of the other 3 pairs of sandles I got him!

mwburdick said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY J* Hope you had a great day!!

meddlingkidd said...

Happy Birthday J!! I hope you had a great birthday and I hope your party is even better!

Suzy said...

Happy belated bday, j!
S - I hope you're doing okay! We miss you! Stop by with an update soon! :)