Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to all in blogland!

I hope everyone has a very special mother's day, whether you are a mother or not. I dreaded this day for too many years, so I know how it feels to be a "mother in waiting". But it will happen for all those that want it.

I just wrote this as an entry to a mother's day contest, and I thought I'd share it here:

I feel so blessed to be a mom, for several reasons. We tried for many years to get pregnant, and did many IVF cycles, and spent way too much money. Nothing ever worked. I dreaded every mothers day and baby shower during that time.

I am a mom now. But only through the sacrifice of two other mothers. I am blessed in every way, by the grace of two other women.

One young girl picked us to be parents to her baby boy a few months before he was born, and we adopted him when he was 11 hours old. He is now almost 4. I think of her everyday, and pray that she is at peace with her decision to place her child in our family. She made me a mother, and I thank my lucky stars for that.

Another wonderful woman and her husband made me a mother for the second time, but pregnant for the very first (and only) time. They gave us their frozen embryos that were left over from their IVF cycles, once they were done building their own family through modern medical science. We transferred her embryos into my uterus and I gave birth to a miracle baby boy 8 months ago. He had been frozen for 9 years! He has met his biological parents and siblings, and we have a wonderful relationship with this "extended family".

My heart skips a beat every single time I lay eyes on my boys. They were always meant to be ours.


Earthchild618 said...

Happy Mother's Day!

azjenn said...

Happy Mother's Day! Your entry was beautiful.

BoufMom9 said...

Hope you had a wonderful day with your boys!
What a wonderful essay!
:) Debi