Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sorry for the "off-color" joke

You are all probably wondering why an infertile would play such an April Fool's joke as that. But, let us all remember . . . I am a rude New Yorker first and foremost!

AZJenn had it right . . . that was the +hpt from Cooper's donor embryo cycle. It was such a great day and my first +hpt ever, so why not recycle the picture. Hell, I should frame it!

I do apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings. The joke was really for hubby. He didn't believe it for a second, probably because he knows he hasn't "gotten any" in quite awhile, and I'm not the type that God would choose to create the 2nd immaculate conception!


Earthchild618 said...

You are too funny.

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Well done. I didn't fall for it, but well done anyway! LOL!

Ali said...

That was a good one!!!

Anonymous said...

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- Lucas