Friday, May 25, 2007

No improvement

Today's scan with the perinatologist showed my placenta is still "low-lying". When it was discovered at 20 weeks, they said that it usually corrects itself 90% of the time. Well, not for me. If anything, its a few mm closer to the cervix (it is supposed to be over 3cm, but mine was 2.7cm and now its 2.4cm, which is less than an inch). Also, there is a large pool of blood sitting right at the top of the cervix (called a placental lake, but this also moved much closer to the cervix and is larger than last time). It is a risk for bleeding. So, I remain on pelvic rest, and go back again in 6 weeks.

A new finding was that I have a "marginal" cord insertion . . . meaning the cord is attached to the placenta at the end, not in the middle as usual. As long as its attached and has good blood flow, it should be fine. It is sometimes associated with smaller babies, so we'll see.

On a positive note, he was sooooo active! It took a few tries since he kept wiggling, but we finally got a cute 3D picture of his face and his cheeks. And he weighs 2.1 pounds! That's more than my mother weighed at birth (she is a triplet and was 1lb 14oz at birth).

Here is the 26 week belly pic:


Earthchild618 said...

Can we see the U/S pic??? Dying to see your son! Your belly is just too damn cute! Does all of the placenta stuff mean that you will soon be on bedrest?

azjenn said...

Sounds like you could be headed for a c-section..but that's ok as long as Doo Doo is healthy. I agree with Jen your belly is too cute and I'm sure you're enjoying the new boobs. LOL Please post the u/s pics would love to see your Son!

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Post the U/S pic, you silly girl! And if you do need a scheduled c-section don't sweat it! Mine was a breeze!

Ali said...

Your belly is adorable! Sorry you have to take it easy. That can't be easy!

sally said...

Suz...I love the belly picture! I think you are in good hands especially since they do not want to see you for 6 more weeks. Take it easy as much as possible!

Sounds like you had a nice trip to Florida. Has Michael approached his mom about the arrival of the new baby and your concerns?

Give Jackson a smooch from his Georgia Girls!